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Finding Total Victory Over Addiction – Part 1

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Understanding The Nature of Man: Spirit, Soul and Body


Regardless of past experiences seeking release from addiction, there is a method that has proven to be successful, though often missed.

There are many rehab and counseling programs designed to help people overcome addictive behaviors. Some of them focus primarily on reprograming the emotional/intellectual part of the client through sound reasoning and emotional healing. Indeed, the addicted individual has been greatly traumatized in these areas and is in need of restoration in order to be whole and productive in the future.

Along with that, a good program also helps to heal the physical body as many clients no doubt have abused their bodies while maintaining their addiction. Physical bodily restoration and maintenance through nutrition and exercise plans are essential for long term success. Together, these two components of a rehab program are vital to ensure the lasting success of the client. While these components are vital, there is one more component that needs to be addressed which is oftentimes misunderstood and incomplete.

This program, “Finding Total Victory Over Addiction” is primarily focused on the primary core and often misunderstood part of man....the Spirit.  

Without diminishing the importance of the other two components of man, the body and the soul (emotions, intellect, and will), it is the re-creation of the human spirit that has brought consistent and lasting deliverance from the chains of addiction to countless thousands of people. Unfortunately, it has been my experience, that the understanding of the human spirit versus the soul, is oftentimes lacking in both clergy and psychologist/counselors. This program is an attempt to address that problem.

There are thousands of books that have addressed human needs and solutions, written by the best authorities on the subjects discussed. Much wisdom and insight can be gleaned from them and used profitably by those in need of the information contained therein. However, when it comes to the invisible world of the spirit, the cacophony of opinions vary greatly, producing a confusing mish-mash of contradicting theories, doctrines and ideas. Who can make sense of such an array of contradicting viewpoints? What we need is not opinion, but truth...the things work. We have a source that has been proven to be consistent, reliable, inerrant and could only have been written by a super-human intelligence. In one book, the creator of the human spirit reveals how our spirit was designed, how it broke and how we can permanently fix it. The Bible is God's supernatural revelation of spiritual reality to His creation. All it takes is a sincere desire to learn the invisible principles that govern the invisible world of the spirit and we are on our way to victory.

The physical realm is governed by invisible laws. Gravity cannot be seen, but its effects are felt by everyone. It can be used for our benefit, or demise, depending on how we interact and cooperate with it. We never expect it to reverse itself and is therefore consistent and dependable. It has “integrity”. We say we can “depend upon it”. We have “faith” in the law of gravity, even though we can't see it. The results of trusting it are consistent and beneficial. Understanding gravity helps us to understand “how things work” in truth. A child who has not yet learned this truth is subject to disaster if he gets too close to a precipice and slips. Gravity can be a killer when not fully understood. Such is the invisible realm of the spirit. It operates by principles that can bring both benefit and destruction to mankind, depending on how we interact with it.

Airplanes: Flying by “faith”

If I told you I could float 100,000 pounds of metal in the air, you would no doubt think I was crazy. Of course, we do it every day by means of an airplane. The reason we can do this is that we have come to LEARN and UNDERSTAND and TRUST the invisible laws of physics and apply it to aerodynamics. First, we had to actively seek the truth in order to learn and understand these principles. Now, trusting, following and cooperating with these invisible forces, we can consistently, and safely fly to our destination. Trusting these principles is called “faith”.

In this series, we will not be exploring the natural laws of aerodynamics, but rather we will be exploring and become familiar with the laws of the spiritual realm and spiritual-dynamics. The rewards are literally, “out of this world” and, fortunately, can be enjoyed right here and now.

Learning and understanding the invisible the "laws of the spirit"  can put us on a life of consistent “Total Victory”.

Airplanes fly by invisible laws and you can too......over the circumstances of life, not under the circumstances.

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