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"Except the LORD build the house,

they labor in vain that build it"   Ps. 127:


God Loves you and wants you to be totally Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

While most people on earth are not experiencing this, this is not God's plan.  He has paid a tremendous price to give you the opportunity to fully prosper beyond anything you could ever imagine.  Find out why the world seems so screwed up!

He says: "My people perish, for lack of knowledge" Hos 4:6

If you would like to learn how to experience more of God's blessings and prosperity, and understand what blocks it, we can help.

By learning a few basic, principles, you can overcome the forces working against you and enjoy amazing victory. 

This is so simple it will shock you!  Take a step of faith and give us a call,  you will be glad you did.

We look forward to serving you, any way we can.  We are.......


Total Victory Outreach & Development

PO Box 1166

Waldoboro, ME  04572

207 542-7397  

This is why we call this Total Victory and why we partner with the Jesus Film Project  (a quick 2 minute video)