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The mis-information surrounding this "plan-demic" is astounding.

To understand the current events, one must be familiar with the history of some influential global organizations.

Without knowledge of these organizations and the people behind them, one is at a total loss when trying to make sense of recent (global) governmental decrees and decisions. 

This should clear up a few questions....

Corona Virus Agenda Explained:

(Please disregard the UNICEF ad following this video....I don't know how to disable it)

 Explore these other fascinating avenues and concepts to fully understand the current and future agenda of Plant Earth.  Feel free to contact us to learn more.    Truth is indeed, stranger than fiction.

  • The origin of the (non-federal) "Federal Reserve System"   G. Edward Griffin,  The Creature from Jekyl Island
  • Infiltration and influence of the Globalist Elite in U.S. Gov't positions of power  aka the "Deep State"  James Perloff,  Shadows of Power
  • Current News to astound you newsfeed....

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