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 Finding Total Victory Over Addiction

When addiction counseling and/or rehab is ineffective, a person may be dealing with a spiritual stronghold that enforces the negative behavior, according to Total Victory Outreach of Waldoboro, Maine.

Many people have earnestly sought freedom from addictive behaviors through a multitude of services, including counseling and rehab. For those who have been unsuccessful and are looking for an alternative solution, another avenue may bring the success they have earnestly sought.

An upcoming six-week seminar entitled “Finding Total Victory Over Addiction” will explore and explain the "Spiritual Dynamics" behind negative human behavior and how to effectively break its power. Understanding “Spiritual Dynamics” can bring about complete and lasting freedom, and a life of "Total Victory". This presentation is an introduction into the spiritual dimension and how it drives all of human behavior. A greater understanding of the human spirit, soul and body can bring unparalled victory in life.

This seminar is for those who have been unable to achieve the victory in life they have sought for through other means. Anyone with a sincere desire to win in life and help others to do the same, is welcome to attend. In order to fully meet the needs of the attendees, the group size may be limited. In addition to the actual workshop, individualized follow-up support will be available as well.

Total Victory L.L.C. is sponsoring this event, so there is no admission price,  however, donations will be accepted to help defray the costs.

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email: , call or text: 207-542-7397

Venue:  TBD - Waldoboro, ME 04572

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