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"Celebrating God's Love and Victory Everyday"
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Coming In April

What is your purpose on Earth?
Bible Breakfast Seminar

Join us for a short seminar and breakfast as we explore God's plan for your life.
Time and Location TBD

Waldoboro American Legion
Jefferson St., Waldoboro
For more information: - call or text Bill at 542-7397 or email

We Need Musicians
Music Blow-out!
Join us for a music jam session to celebrate
Total Victory
6:00 PM
Waldoboro American Legion
181 Jefferson St. Lower Level
Contemporary Christian Victory Celebration Music
Loud, Fast and Upbeat
Food, Fun, Free
Click Here for New Seminar:
The Spiritual Dynamics of UFO's   &  Crop Cicles

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Upcoming Jan 4, 2019
Prayer School 101

Click Here For Some Awesome Bible Resources

Click here to "Take the Red Pill" and discover the secret agenda to seduce, enslave and confiscate you and your property. This conference is a MUST ATTEND for all freedom loving Americans!

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The World's Best Kept Secret

We are now able to meet in local homes for 6:30-7:30 for Bible Study & Prayer

To find out who is REALLY in charge of the policies of the this book


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Healing Helps Program
A downloadable, interactive program that explains your right to healing in Christ
by Pastor Steve Young -
PenBay Family Church

NET Bible Translators Notes

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Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth

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At this time, this is not incorporated as a non-profit ministry. It is privately funded by those who desire to see this work prosper.

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TVO Workshops and Seminars

"Training for Reigning"

Hidden Treasures in the
Biblical Text

Angels and Demons

The Love Nature of God

Understanding Spirit-Soul-Body

Secrets to Effective Prayer

Holy Spirit Baptism

The Personhood of God

New Birth/New Creation Realities

Spiritual Authority of the Believer

How to Know God's Will

How to Discern Spiritual Truth from Error

Release From Obsessive Behavior

How to Receive Physical Healing From the Word

Emotional Healing

Christianity vs. Other Religions

How to Prosper Financially

What is the Divine Nature

The Kingdom of God vs. The Kingdom of Satan

Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Satan's Counterfeit Gifts

Effective Discipleship

Basic Christian Doctrines

The Power in Praise and Worship

Walking in Victory by the Word of Faith

New Age Deceptions

(other topics as requested)

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Total Victory Outreach
PO Box 1166
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What We Do:

Our purpose is to "Establish you in supernatural Victory
by the Word of God.
We do this by explaining the "Spiritual Dynamics" of the the invisible realm of the spirit as revealed in the Bible. We want to help you actually experience the victory that God purchased for you by His Son Jesus Christ. God is LOVE and we want you to experience that love so you can walk in total victory and help others do the same. It's really quite simple, once you understand a few simple principles. Check us out... we'd love to hear from you!

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