William C. Moody

(This is what Heaven looks like!)

Born in Portland Maine in 1950, Bill spent his elementary school years in Arlington, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. In 1963, his family moved back to Gorham Maine, about 10 miles from Portland, where he spent his high school and college years.

After graduating from the University of Maine in 1972 with a BS in Education, he moved to Burlington Vermont where he taught Industrial Arts for the next seven years in a nearby high school. In 1974, after developing an interest in the paranormal, UFO’s and a curiosity about the second coming of Christ, Bill was introduced to the concept of a personal relationship with Christ through the books he read. Following a time of diminished faith, in 1983 he moved to Northern Maine’s Aroostook County to resume his teaching career.

While attending a little storefront church there in Presque Isle, Maine he was confronted with the concept of Victory by faith in the creative Word of God. There he learned that God creates and sustains His creation by His Spoken Word. Life would never be the same, as he learned to overcome the forces of darkness by Praying and Speaking God’s Word. It is this thrilling ability of the believer to personally Rule and Reign in victory with Christ daily, that has motivated him to share this message with everyone he meets. By learning the Word of God, and how to use it in prayer, we are engaged in "On the Job Training for Reigning."

Starting in 1991, Bill began Total Victory Outreach with his wife Susan. Equipping one person to walk in Total Victory, by investing an entire year in their spiritual development was the immediate goal. The greater vision for TVO was to see each successive disciple do the same. Given this dynamic, if each person was faithful to the vision, because of compounding growth, the population of the ENTIRE world could be reached in just 33 years! To this day, the vision is still built around investing concentrated effort, and time, in personal discipleship. While bringing people into the kingdom can be accomplished through large-scale evangelism, quality growth still comes through intense, one-on-one nurturing. This lack of personal nurturing and discipleship is one of the reasons the church is full of ineffective, unmotivated believers. Total Victory Outreach is committed to changing that....one life at a time!

...those who receive the abundance of Grace, and the Gift of Righteousness, shall Reign in Life through the One, Jesus Christ Romans 5:17