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Secrets of Effective Prayer

This seminar will introduce you to the dynamics of effective and ineffective prayer and show the reasons for each. God is not Santa Claus and effective prayer is not a "Magic Wand" that works inconsistently. God clearly states in the Word what He requires for prayer to be answered, and it is NOT hours and hours of fasting and arduous praying. You will be surprised to learn that effective prayer is the product of accuracy, not activity. Contrary to popular belief, God does not have three answers to prayer (Yes, No and Wait) The Bible clearly tells us that ALL of His promises are YES to the believer. Our problem is that we don't know what to believe, so He cannot honor our prayer. When we know what to believe, victory is fast and easy. God has equipped us with a supernatural ability in prayer, because He is Supernatural, and we are His (supernatural) Children. Without a clear understanding of this, successful prayer is hit or miss at best. Understanding your supernatural prayer anointing will allow you to enter into the supernatural, consistent, victorious life God has prepared for you. No successful missionary should be sent out without this understanding and anointing. Prerequisite: Understanding Spirit, Soul and Body


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