Spiritual Growth Scorecard

Rate your spiritual progress

Ask yourself if you are ahead of where you were this same time last year.
Note those areas where you are falling behind and design a plan to improve yourself.

My individual Bible study time has improved since last year    Y   N

My individual prayer time has improved since last year    Y   N

Prayer with my spouse and children has improved since last year    Y   N

I have improved the quality of what I am reading, watching and hearing    Y   N

I have introduced more people to Christ this year than last    Y   N

My direct involvement has improved my children's education    Y   N

My direct effort has produced a better relationship with my spouse    Y   N

I have seen an increase in the spiritual growth of those I am responsible for    Y   N

My financial support of missionary outreach is increasing    Y   N

I am reducing the amount of debt in my own personal finances    Y   N

My children are displaying greater fruits of the spirit because of my involvement    Y   N

I am living in greater peace and reduced stress over last year    Y   N

I find myself giving thanks more often and complaining less    Y   N

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