Total Victory Outreach Seminars

"Celebrating God's Love and Victory Every Day"

The Love Nature of God

God IS Love! Whatever else we think of God, He wants us to experience His Love, for that is who He is - LOVE.
If our concept of God is anything but Love, we've been lied to and deceived by our past experiences and education. This seminar will clearly and unmistakeably reveal God's Love to you so you can begin to experience the Joy and Victory that He wants you to walk in continouosly. Come prepared to have your difficult questions answered as we put all of the theological puzzle pieces together that explains the misery of life and why God is NOT the author of it. Come and see the great lengths that God will go to, in order to reveal His true nature and woo you back to His Victorious Kingdom. This seminar is especially designed for those who are mad at God or who simply couldn't believe that He even exists. He does, and is well able to reveal Himself to those who really want to know the truth.


     Call for dates and times (207) 542-7397 or e-mail:






     Waldoboro, determined by group size


     10 weeks


      The Bible - (any translation)


     No Charge, however, free will offering will be received to help defer expenses and fund additional seminars.

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