Total Victory Outreach Seminars

"Celebrating God's Love and Victory Every Day"

"Training for Reigning" Seminar

     This one-day seminar that includes lunch, will introduce the participants to the purpose, power and mission of the Church as the Bride of Christ.
     Called to be joint-heirs with Christ, we will see how we are to "Rule and Reign" with Him, starting now and continuing into eternity. We will see the tremendous spiritual power that has been entrusted to us, and the awesome responsibility we have to learn how to operate in it, for His purpose.
     A musical production video will be used to reveal the strategies of Satan, intended to destroy the Church's victory and strip her of her Supernatural, God-Ordained Power over darkness. The major deceptions being propagated against the Church today and it's antidote, will be shown. Be encouraged as you see the secret and simplicity of walking in consistent victory and the glorious future for each member of the body of Christ.
     If you are a Christian leader, or feel called to be one, you need to attend this powerful seminar! A money-back guarantee insures that you will be thrilled, encouraged and energized like never before! Call for more information.




     Registration: 8:30-9:00,    Seminar: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


     Bill Moody




     One Day,    9:00-3:00 PM

Materials Required:

     Your Bible - All other materials supplied


     $10.00, (Includes Lunch)


     Suggested but not required, seating is limited

For More Information:

Call 207-542-7397 or e-mail