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Holy Spirit Baptism

This seminar will introduce you to the Biblical explaination of the much disputed phrase - "Baptized in the Holy Spirit" and how this is related to the phrase "Born-Again". Much confusion around these two terms has limited the believer's victory and effectiveness in Prayer, Evangelism, Holiness, and a life of Praise and Worship. Jesus restricted His disciples from going into the world until they had been "clothed" with Power from on high. When they received it, they knew it! Have you received it? How do you know it? Don't leave home without it, especially if you plan to go out on the mission field! Being spiritually "raised from the dead" (Eph 2:6) is not the same as being Baptized in the Holy Spirit. Don't take our word for it, though, bring your Bible and see what God says about it, and then make your own decision about it. Come and be "clothed with Power from the Father" Jesus is your Holy Spirit baptizer, come and get wet! Prerequisite: Understanding Spirit, Soul & Body


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     Waldoboro, determined by group size


     10 weeks


      The Bible - (any translation)


     No Charge, however, free will offering will be received to help defer expenses and fund additional seminars.

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