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Hidden Treasures

     This seminar will introduce the student to the extra-terrestrial origin of the Bible.
     We will explore the intricate, detailed, super-human, intelligent design of the original text that reveals world history from beginning to end.
     We will learn how impossible it would be for any human intelligence to author this mosaic of letters that we know as "the Bible". We will discover how each letter in the original text was placed by divine design to reveal events thousand of years in advance.
      Having been written ,originally, in Hebrew and Greek, this text has an added dimension. These languages attach numerical values to each letter. Not only does the plain text of the Bible reveal information, but the numerical values associated with each string of text also has significance as well. We will explore the significance of the numerical values of each letter and what this deeper level of hidden message reveals.
      The significance of Bible characters' names and the order of their birth has revealed hidden events in advance as well, so we will show examples of this.
     Many historical events and rituals in the Bible play a part in revealing unmistakeable messages from this super-intelligence. These too will be explored.
     The accuracy of predicting and reporting historical events can be shown to be more precise than anything man has ever dreamed of or invented by a factor of millions. How is this possible? All this and more will be explored in this seminar. Come and explore the super-intelligence of it's author, and stand in awe as you see the impossible revealed in black and white.


     Call for dates and times (207) 542-7397 or e-mail:


     Determined by group requirements


     Bill Moody


     Determined by group requirements


     1-10 weeks, Determined by group


     "Hidden Treasures In The Biblical Text", Dr. Chuck Missler
      The Bible - (any translation)
     Learn The Bible in 24 Hours DVD, Kononia House


     No charge, but materials may be purchased if desired

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