Heaven is a GIFT....... Not a REWARD!

or .....Why being "Good Enough" won't get you to Heaven

We don't miss Heaven because we "aren't good enough",
we miss heaven because we are spiritually DEAD.

DEAD people can't meet standards of behavior because they are…..well…..DEAD!

Jesus didn't come to check our score on the tally sheet. He came to give us a Gift called LIFE !  (Eternal)

Remember, GIFTS aren't EARNED, they are FREELY GIVEN because we are LOVED!

(God is Love)

God LOVED the world so much that He GAVE His Son (Jesus) so that people wouldn't perish but have eternal LIFE John 3:16

To all those who RECEIVED HIM, He GAVE the right to become Children of God….That translates into "citizens of Heaven"………John 1:12

Those who receive His Words have passed from DEATH to LIFE………John 5:24, Ephesians 2:1

and LIFE is where you get to WIN….Here's how:

Those who RECEIVE the abundance of Grace and the GIFT of RIGHTEOUSNESS, shall REIGN in LIFE through the One Jesus Christ………….Romans 5:17

This is the record, that God HAS GIVEN us eternal LIFE and this life is in His Son. Whoever has the Son has LIFE. Whoever does not have the Son, Does NOT have LIFE.

Jesus said …"I have come that you might have LIFE, and LIFE more abundantly"…………John 10:10

Jesus said……"I AM THE LIFE"……..John 14:6


Hell is nothing more than the permanent separation from the SOURCE of LIFE

Why would anyone choose to be separated from the SOURCE of LIFE?
We wouldn't......... but we are!
Not by choice, but by inheritance!
That's right, we have inherited spiritual DEATH from Adam and Eve........(see Romans Chapter 5)

The good news is, that Jesus paid for ALL sin, then rose from the dead, defeating death, and now lives to freely give LIFE to those who CHOOSE to RECEIVE this life

Here is the tricky part:

Because God is LOVE, He cannot override our free will to impart this LIFE to us. Even though He was butchered on a cross to purchase this LIFE for us and now stands waiting for us to receive it....
His integrity forbids Him from overriding our free will.
Isn't it awesome to realize that God is literally waiting for Man to Receive Him? But such is the Love of God. He Chose to die on a cross, to Pay For our sin, so that He could freely GIVE us the Gift of righteousness and eternal LIFE.

Receiving Christ as our Lord and Savior is receiving the Gift of (eternal, spiritual) LIFE, the Gift of Righteousness, because Jesus is "the LIFE" according to John 14:6

Well, If this is good news to you and you would like to know more, feel free to contact us for more explanation.

or you can secure your eternal future right now
by receiving this Gift.

This Gift is Jesus Christ the eternal LIFE, (Romans 6:23) John 14:6

We RECEIVE LIFE by making a request. You can do so by a short prayer such as this:

Dear Jesus, Thank you for paying the penalty of my sin so I can receive the Gift of eternal LIFE. I receive you as my LORD and SAVIOR right now. Please come into my life. Cleanse me of all sin and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Help me to live for you, Amen

If you have prayed this prayer, let us know, so we can rejoice with you and help you get started on a LIFE of Total Victory ! !

In God's Love,

Your friends at     Total Victory Outreach