Total Victory Outreach Seminars

"Celebrating God's Love and Victory Every Day"

Angels & Demons

     This seminar will introduce the student to the origin and operation of Angels and Demons and how to discern the difference between the two when they are manifested in behavior and appearance.
      Various examples of their appearances and affects on people will be studied to reveal their true nature, power and operation. Participants will study how Angels are used by God to bless people and how demons are trying to conterfeit angels in their deceptive and malevolent work against mankind.
     Finally, participants will be shown how to enlist Angels to help in time of need as well as the secret to gaining consistent victory over demons in every situation.
      This seminar is especially useful to those struggling with consistent negative emotions, addictions, and compulsive behaviors as well as those who want to break free from spiritual bondages such as Witchcraft, Drug and other addictions, Voodoo, Satanism, Shamanism, etc.


     Call for dates and times (207) 542-7397 or e-mail:






     Waldoboro, determined by group size


     10 weeks


     "The Bondage Breaker", Neil T. Anderson
      The Bible - (any translation)


     No Charge, however, free will offering will be received to help defer expenses and fund additional seminars.

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