Total Victory Outreach Seminars

"Celebrating God's Love and Victory Every Day"

Understanding Spirit, Soul & Body

This is ground zero for effective Bible study and comprehension. Until a person is able to distinguish between the human spirit and soul, spiritual things will seem to make no sense at all. 99% of the confusion with Biblical texts could be cleared up by simply understanding the difference between the spirit and the soul. Psychologists often times have little clear understanding of the human spirit, and clergy often do not have a clear understanding of how the mind works. When the two are understood together, the Bible and spiritual dynamics make perfect sense. More importantly, Victorious living is easily attained.

This seminar will empower people to live victoriously by being able to clearly discern between spiritual and mental challenges and appropriate the necessary strategy to overcome those challenges...consistently. All of the "inconsistencies" of the Bible will vaporize as we look at them from a clear understanding of spirit versus the soul.


     Call for dates and times (207) 542-7397 or e-mail:






     Waldoboro, determined by group size


     10 weeks


      The Bible - (any translation)


     No Charge, however, free will offering will be received to help defer expenses and fund additional seminars.

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